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If you are looking for products from APAC regions, especially from China, we can assist you
in obtainingthe best reasonable and favorable quotation within a set time frame.

Our well established supplier network ensures that you receive the competitive price and products

The following supply chain and trading services are offered by us if products are sourced to ensure
the stable supply and quality level:

  • Supplier search
  • Supplier visit
  • Supplier audit
  • Supplier selection
  • Project handling according to APQP
  • Common design
  • Sample check
  • Mass production initiation
  • Mass production quality check
  • Products release
  • Logistics handling if needed

Our biggest advantages are the knowledge of the local market and our local presence.
All our suppliers are visited on regular time schedule.

Furthermore, we work together with local quality consultants in order to ensure the highest possible quality level.




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